IZENZO - Consulting & Contracting      
South Africa
Consulting Services

Our consulting services draw on both industry best practice and our international and local experience. Izenzo’s collective experience includes significant assignments in the Retail Banking, Wholesale, Banking, FMCG, Asset Management, Insurance and other sectors. The service delivery framework may be implemented as either a “cradle to grave” service or progressively to allow clients to build capability within their own organizations. We differentiate ourselves from the larger service providers by delivering superior quality at a reasonable price.

Project Delivery
Izenzo provides substantial capability to address the challenges of project delivery. Our suite of services includes project estimating, project scoping, project management and recovery of run away projects. In addition we deliver specialist data conversion, testing, fixed price software development and other technical services that may be required across the project life cycle. We have experience on small projects and on large projects up to 1.5 billion ZAR. We offer your organization specialist skills to back risk out of your project portfolio and ensure delivery within time and on budget.

Application Delivery
We offer a comprehensive range of application management services to help you manage your application portfolio. These services deliver improvements in development, maintenance, productivity and quality. We provide ongoing management of applications based on a mutually developed plan and access to best practices and technologies. Our specialists follow a structured approach to understand your unique environment, to build a roadmap for implementation and to launch a continuous cycle of measurable improvement.

Infrastructure Delivery
Izenzo supplies a set of infrastructure and systems management services to help you manage your host-centric, distributed, desktop, and network environments. We help you effectively manage your IT investments, improve operations and performance, achieve your availability objectives and avoid problems that cost time and money.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Our offering allows your organization to effectively prepare for disasters and downtime and keep your business running, whilst maintaining your service levels and business performance.

Outsource Services
Izenzo provides a range of outsourcing services theses include supplier selection, supplier adjudication and supplier management. We have significant experience in the management of both local suppliers and offshore service providers. Our value offering allows you to leverage Izenzo experience to maximize gain for your organization.

To find out how Izenzo can help YOU please e-mail us at david@izenzo.co.za